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Other Services

Carpet stretching, wall washing, air mold allergen testing & attic insulation removal 

Furnace Duct Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Vacuuming, spot removal, hot water rinse extraction method, post grooming & free Scotchgard protection..

Pet Odor Removal

Have your pets been leaving you little gifts?  Let us find them with a blacklight.

Carpet and Fabric ProTection

Ask about our Scotchgard protection for carpets & upholstery. 

Fire Restoration

Smoke damage can be difficult to remove from your personal furnishings.  Service Really  Matters has the products & experience to do the job for you!

Carpet and Furniture Cleaning

Disaster Restoration

Hot water rinse-extraction is the method of choice for carpet and furniture cleaning. Spotters are used for food, beverage (including red stains), grease, tar, and rust, as well as many other stains. Pet odor removal services are used in conjunction with professional products, not sold in stores, and a black-light. Tile floors are stripped and cleaned with floor scrubbers and high-quality strippers. Finish is reapplied with professional applicators.

Water and smoke damage restoration is a large part of Service Really Matters Cleaning & Restoration services. Whenever people have a disaster on their hands, they need immediate help and understanding. Drying out carpets, floors, and walls quickly after a broken pipe will preserve the structure and prevent health and mold issues. Cleaning personal items after a smoke damage occurrence involves special products, care, and know-how. Service Really Matters Cleaning is here to help!

Furnace duct cleaning involves cleaning each furnace register vents and return vents,  as well as the furnace itself. We take the time to do this right and thoroughly, so your indoor air quality and furnace efficiency will be greatly improved.

Commercial CLeaning

Services are provided for both homes & businesses.

Water Damage Restoration

Minor floods can be a major problem.  Drying your home out quickly will prevent permanent damage.


We provide vacuuming, spot removal, hot water rinse-extraction cleaning method & post grooming.

Furnace Duct Cleaning

Cut down on heating & cooling costs, as well as household allergens.  Call for your free estimate today.

hard surface floor cleaning

Our services include: light, medium & heavy surface tile & wood floor care, with refinishing products.

Residential and Commercial Carpet, furniture, and Disaster Restoration Services